Illustration & character design for a new children's educational entertainment programme concept. Task included website design, Logo and branding, promotional preview video production & all illustrations.

My Client approached me with her concept for a new educational programme and/or App idea for UK audiences, to promote early years language development. I was initially asked to design the characters and a logo with a view to producing a promotional video and website afterwards. When creating the website design, I found that it flowed much better with a unique bespoke font. Taking the lead from the hand inked logo design, I designed a unique title font for the client too.


Please Visit the Website here, where you can view 'Milo and Mali, The Language Detectives' preview video.

Branding for a new business that aims to promote being active, using primarily outdoor activities in both education & corporate environments. 

I was asked to design a logo for a fledgling UK company. The brief was complicated as I was asked to create a logo that visually communicated 'Head First' whilst avoiding generic corporate imagery & it's usual connotations. The Image and text had to be both appealing to toddlers and school age children whilst also being viable for use when targeting business customers, I was also requested to use blue and orange. Well, I love a challenge and a client that knows what they want, here is the result.

Bespoke illustration for Katie's Kitchen, a delightful and vibrant business based in Shrewsbury.

These three illustrations will sit on the home page of the Katie's Kitchen website, where they will invite the visitors to enter through the doors to navigate the site and discover the varied services that the business offers.


Katie is in the process of updating her website, but you can still visit her here

These images are the property of ©KatieWellington
Character design for Festival in a Box, a bespoke private festival and party organiser based in Wiltshire, working across the UK

I was asked to create a number of characters that were based around their existing logo trapeze character. The characters had to communicate the company's services whilst retaining a whimsical, fun, and vibrant energy.


The client wanted digital graphic images that could be scaled easily, using a limited 4 colour palette. The images will be used across promotional material, on t-shirts and social media.


I was also approached to revise their logo.


Drop by their website

logo design by katy boys illustrator
Character design for GreenBlue Urban environmental teaching aid

I was asked to create three characters that would become the face of GreenBlue Urban’s teaching aids, which aim to promote environmental sustainability across 17000 UK schools in the UK. GreenBlue Urban is in partnership with the Eco-Schools programme, providing a series of lesson plans that communicate the importance of trees to our environment and our future. The illustrations were used across these lesson plans, available to download from the TES.

Launched in August 2014, by the September of that year the lessons plans had been downloaded over 1,200 times! 
These images are the property of GreenBlue Urban
'Mol Green, Ben And Peck' © GreenBlue Urban
Bespoke animal illustrations and branding for author and copywriter Elle Wild
I was asked to create a unique and individual set of fun yet detailed animal illustrations for use across writer Elle Wild's website and brand material. I also had the opportunity to design her logo, business cards, and promotional material. 
These are all hand drawn with fine ink pens, each taking around 4-5 hours to complete. 
The images can be seen in use here.
Logo design for The Learning Emporium, a UK based company that gives parents the opportunity to buy teacher recommended resources to help support your child's learning at home.
This brief required me to supply a logo that worked across a number of different applications from web use to brown paper promotional gift bags. The logo had to have broad appeal with undertones of fun and education. It was key to the client that the logo contained a rabbit mascot, which I also had the pleasure of creating. 
The logo can be seen in use here.
Illustrations for wedding place cards for a couple to whom the sea and travel have a great significance
This was a delightful project for a couple who love travel, and travelling with each other. One of the romantic pair also spent 10 years of her life cruising the seas in her work. I was asked to represent 10 seas in my images.
For the purpose of showing them here I have removed the personal text.
Illustrations, bookmark, correspondence material for Middle Farm Press
Middle Farm Press are a rather unique publishing house based in the UK. It was a joy to be asked to design a bookmark for them to use at book launches and networking events.
I was then asked to create a 'for the love of books' illustration for them to use across their business. This drawing was given its first outing on their letterhead and Facebook page.
Illustrations and all print and advertising material for Neston Park Farm shop, Wiltshire. An award winning food producer and advocate for locally sourced produce and good food. Also illustrations for the Madd Sandwich Company.
For 3 years I worked with the renowned and award winning Neston Park Farm shop as their illustrator and designer. I created illustrations that communicated their love of good food and their wealth of locally sourced fayre.
These illustrations were then used across their in-store leafleting and external advertising, working within and retaining the integrity of their well established branding. 

Mural designs and installation



Mural design is some of the most personal and involved work that I do. I start with a mood board after talking through my clients' vision. I then design their bespoke hand drawn and hand painted mural.
Being invited into someone's home is such an honour. I have painted in grand addresses such as Longleat House and The Royal Crescent. However I also undertake smaller more intimate projects like a 3 year olds bedroom that overlooked farmland and a small woodland brimming with chatting birds, the perfect spot to paint! I have also worked whilst precariously balanced above the atrium of a busy academy school in Swindon over 18ft high!
Please scroll through the slideshow for examples of past projects.



Illustrated whiteboard animation videos 
Video scribe animations enable my clients to engage their customers or team members more effectively. The message resonates more with the viewer and information is retained far more effectively than other methods of communication.
It is also cost effective with videos costing around £100-120 per minute (dependent on the level of detail required, and when a voiceover is provided). I am also able to create exclusive imagery that will not be seen on any other video scribe animation.
This example for a web based bathroom firm aimed to promote the company'personal service, unique product range and exclusivity, good ethics and family orientation.  
You can see other examples of my work here , here here.

Start from scratch - Branding for Best Of Buddies pet care, Wiltshire.


Brief: Design a fun, youthful, versatile logo that doesn't blend in with the "pet care genre', and stands apart.

This was a fun project for a new business run by a young, independent, clever & vibrant woman. I wanted to communicate all of this in the logo. It was clear that what set her apart was quite how attentive she was to both the animals in her charge and her clients. I also created other illustrations that branched off from the main logo to be able to communicate the variety of services that Charlie offers. I also had the pleasure of designing her business card where our little doggy friends popped up again. 



One off illustrations & portrait work



A portrait is not as expensive as you might think. Commissioning
If you are looking for a special gift, or a one off illustration to bring your website, copy, or promotional material to life, please contact me. There will always be a solution and style to suit your budget. This Illustration of a little girl cost only £60, for something that will be loved for generations. 
Three fold brochure design for Antarpply Expeditions 

It was a joy to create a new promotional brochure and e-brochure for Antarpply.


The project involved image selection, editing, and overall design. 

Please click their logo to see what Antarpply are all about, maybe even book yourselves an adventure!
Bespoke private family birthday party guest invitation for client of Festival in a Box, Wiltshire.
I loved creating this invite. The brief was 'bright & bold, modern & graphic'. The party was a joint family private festival, that celebrated 4 important milestone birthdays (names removed from sign post graphic for client privacy).


The Party was supplied by Festival in a Box, a dynamic and unique company who can organise a festival all of your own. 

Why not book yourslef a party? or see how the 'Hurring' party came together, please click on the link below.

Affordable logo design


If you have a clear concise idea of what you want to achieve, we can talk about a set price for your logo design.

This logo was created within the remits of a very tight brief, and cost just £75.
  • It had to be square
  • It had to be useable across all social media and accountancy packages
  • It had to show the four core services that the client offers
  • It had to be easy to read, have class, and be bright
Re-branding of The Carl Todd Clinic. Design and layout of new website. All Brand adverts, leaflets & correspondence material.  
The Carl Todd Clinic are a Wiltshire based osteopathy clinic, headed by England and Chelsea football club Osteopath Mr Carl Todd. 
I was asked to initially revise their in house adverts. This then led to me reworking their existing brand design to make the logo more versatile in order that it could be used for multiple applications. After working for the clinic for a year I was asked to look at designing a new website with their new branding in mind. 
The update needed to look clean, professional and bright. It had to be user friendly and exhibit all the clinic's services whilst remaining simple, not content heavy and easy to use.
Please view the site here


My own Branding



Designing for myself is a necessary indulgence, I am a very tricky client too!
I hope that I have communicated to you, my love of colour, the need for impact, a love of modernism and good design, alongside my versatility in being able to offer hand crafted design.
I also designed and put together this website, if you would like an affordable simple site then please contact me to discuss your ideas. 


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