Terms and conditions:


KATY BOYS: KATY BOYS is the Service Provider.  Services may include freelance illustration, graphic design, mural art, or other creative, as agreed to in the Creative Brief or Work Agreement.


Service Provider Address:



3 Mill Lane

Box, Corsham

Wiltshire, U.K.

SN13 8PH


THE CLIENT: The individual, firm, or company who instructs and/or purchases services or products from KATY BOYS, the Service Provider.


BUDGET: On instruction, let’s have a chat about your budget, its scope and limitations. Any additions, changes, or shift in direction from the initial Creative Brief will be undertaken at the sole discretion of KATY BOYS. KATY BOYS reserves the right to charge for any changes to the Creative Brief or Work Agreement that may necessitate additional hours or materials, at the hourly rate (£20/hour). If a flat rate has been agreed to, a set number of client changes will be agreed on. If THE CLIENT exceeds these changes, KATY BOYS will revert to the rate of £20 an hour for any further changes.


CREATIVE BRIEF: It is ideal and expected that THE CLIENT will provide a Creative Brief in writing, after which a quote will be supplied by KATY BOYS. In this Brief, all creative product outputs must be described and requested. For example, a logo will be required in various formats dependent on where it will be used (web, print, black and white). These variances must be requested in writing before work commences. In the event that all of the above is agreed on verbally or in person, KATY BOYS will provide a summary of that meeting in writing and THE CLIENT shall confirm all details in writing before commencement of work. Any changes/alterations/additions to the original instruction will be billed accordingly. Any company colours must be supplied with their colour codes and any other brand identity material, house fonts & licensing, etc. Any costs resulting from the incorrect material being supplied by THE CLIENT will be covered by THE CLIENT and will be treated as a change request. KATY BOYS is not liable for any legal or other costs that may arise if unlicensed fonts or materials are supplied by THE CLIENT and used by KATY BOYS.


WORKBACK SCHEDULE: KATY BOYS works flexibly from her home office. It is important that a time frame (“Work back Schedule”) is agreed upon and that there is clarity between KATY BOYS and THE CLIENT about what can be achieved and by when. It is requested that THE CLIENT make KATY BOYS aware of any third party influences that may reduce deadlines or influence the timing of the project.


PAYMENT TERMS: Payment is required in FULL within or on the 14th day after the invoice is received by THE CLIENT. If THE CLIENT fails to respond to the invoice, it will be understood that it was received on the day that it was sent.  If payment is not received 21 days after the invoice is sent, an additional 20% will be added to the invoice. This and the original invoice must be paid within 7 days in full. KATY BOYS is a small business, operating on trust and good faith. Transparency with costing is paramount, and in return any difficulties that may arise to prevent THE CLIENT from paying the invoice must be revealed to KATY BOYS immediately. After 60 days of non-payment, KATY BOYS will pursue outstanding funds through the SMALL CLAIMS COURT.



RATES: KATY BOYS charges £20 an hour. On occasion, and only when mutually agreed, a set fee can be arranged. A 50% deposit is required on acceptance of quote and instruction. This deposit is non-refundable. When working within a set fee, a maximum number of client changes and additions will be agreed upon, and only undertaken at the sole discretion of KATY BOYS.  Changes and/or additions to the original Brief (beyond the specified and agreed upon number) by THE CLIENT will be charged at the hourly rate of £20. All changes must be instructed in writing in the form of a “Change Request”.


ADDITIONAL COSTS: All materials, print, postage, and external service costs must be paid for by THE CLIENT on their instruction/commissioning. All costs will be agreed by quote prior to instruction, in writing, between KATY BOYS & THE CLIENT.


RETENTION OF TITLE: Until all goods supplied are paid for in full under the terms of the invoice, KATY BOYS retains ownership and copyright of all goods, and all ideas remain the intellectual property of KATY BOYS. KATY BOYS retains the right to use all works produced for self-promotion. KATY BOYS retains the right to sign all bespoke illustrations unless there is prior agreement not to do so.


CONFIDENTIALITY: KATY BOYS will not share THE CLIENT’S personal, business, or project details with any third parties unless instructed to do so by THE CLIENT, or without prior agreement between THE CLIENT and KATY BOYS. THE CLIENT will not share, distribute, or display any creative works provided by KATY BOYS with third parties until they are fully paid for, or otherwise mutually agreed upon.


CANCELLATION: If THE CLIENT wishes to cancel they must do so in writing. If a 50% deposit has been paid, this will be withheld. Any works completed up until the date of cancellation will be invoiced for. This invoice will have a term of 14 days; failure to pay this in full will result in an additional 20% being added to the invoice. After 60 days of non-payment, KATY BOYS will pursue the funds through the SMALL CLAIMS COURT. Any discount offered to THE CLIENT on instruction as a goodwill/local business to business gesture will be removed and additional funds added to the hours invoiced should THE CLIENT cancel.


PROOFREADING AND CHECKS: THE CLIENT holds ALL responsibility for conducting a final proof check of all services and goods supplied by KATY BOYS. KATY BOYS is NOT liable for any errors at this stage. KATY BOYS is not liable for any changes in colour or texture at the point of print or publication. Some disparity in colour may occur on different paper stock or with different print houses. Likewise, colour cannot be consistent across a myriad of computers and/or mobile devices. KATY BOYS is not and will not be liable for any such disparities. THE CLIENT is expected to proofread and spell check any copy produced and supplied by KATY BOYS. This must be signed off in writing. THE CLIENT is solely responsible for any costs incurred should any errors become evident in printing or publishing of services provided by KATY BOYS. A polite reminder that projects undertaken in haste under instructions from THE CLIENT, where a narrow deadline is requested, can result in error and mistake.  Please allow as much time as possible for us to achieve a quality product together.


INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: THE CLIENT shall ensure that the materials they supply to KATY BOYS and/or their use do not infringe on the Intellectual Property Rights of a third party or any applicable laws or regulations. KATY BOYS is entitled (in its sole discretion) to refuse to use any materials. KATY BOYS shall ensure that all services provided do not infringe on the intellectual property of third parties and shall guarantee all works as original and her own. KATY BOYS is not liable for any legal action that may be taken against THE CLIENT or KATY BOYS should a third party pursue loss of earnings, costs, or infringement of their intellectual property directly linked to services provided for THE CLIENT by KATY BOYS.






By instructing KATY BOYS to create works for you (“THE CLIENT”), and by agreeing on a quote supplied by KATY BOYS (verbal or written), you THE CLIENT acknowledge that you have read these terms and conditions. THE CLIENT, on instructing KATY BOYS, hereby agrees to comply with these terms and conditions and work with KATY BOYS within these terms.


Honesty, clarity, and good communication fuel good working relationships. I very much look forward to working with you.